Proven endurance: These Shindaiwa onsite gensets unmatched for over 15 years.

APS Shindaiwa generators being delivered to site

Reliability RedefinedAt APS, we’re proud to offer the best energy solutions. That’s why we supply exceptional diesel generators and welder generators from Shindaiwa. Shindaiwa’s diesel generators are built for demanding scenarios encountered in mining sites and remote areas, boasting unparalleled reliability even in adverse conditions. Unmatched PerformanceShindaiwa diesel generators are meticulously engineered to withstand even […]

Collaborating with a leading force among Australia’s premier hire companies

Shindaiwa generator

APS partnered with a leading hire industry leader, supplying them with top-of-the-line Shindawa generators for worksite equipment. In Australia’s highly competitive hire industry, our client stands out as a leading force, delivering exceptional services to a diverse range of customers. With a diverse clientele and a wide range of applications, the client recognised the need […]

Supply of MARU MESU 45 unit to GPS in Victoria

APS Maru Mesu 45 Model Placed on site

In a landmark collaboration, APS has supplied Green Power Solutions Pty Ltd with the MARU MESU Model 45 hybrid generator. This groundbreaking generator is set to transform the way construction projects are powered, offering an impressive combination of a compact design and powerful eco-friendly features. With a steadfast commitment to efficiency and sustainability, APS is […]

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