When you join forces with Ecosun and APS, you're not just embracing innovation but boldly championing greener, more sustainable solutions.

APS and ecosun

Experience a new era of sustainable energy solutions with the powerful partnership between APS and Ecosun. We bring you cutting-edge solar technology and innovative solutions that empower your energy needs. Ecosun, a trusted leader in the realm of solar energy, shares our unwavering commitment to advancing environmentally responsible practices. Together, we bring you a comprehensive suite of energy solutions.

Ecosun Trailer-Watt 15S

This ingenious mobile solar trailer is engineered for rapid deployment, taking just five minutes to set up, and a single person can operate it. Fitted with 15 flexible solar modules, the Trailer-Watt 15s is the ideal solution for diverse applications. Its lightweight and flexible design, autonomous energy management, and the option to integrate a backup generator make it a versatile choice for on-the-go power generation.

Ecosun Frame-Watt

The Frame-Watt represents a game-changing solution. These solar panel kits offer versatility and efficiency, making them the perfect choice for modular construction. The Frame-Watt system is stackable for efficient transport and pre-wired and pre-tested. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, these kits are designed for swift deployment, allowing you to generate clean energy within minutes of setup.

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Solar Energy Expertise

Ecosun Innovations specialises in solar energy, offering extensive knowledge in solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies.

Innovative Solutions

Our partnership with Ecosun grants us access to cutting-edge solar technology and sustainable practices, ensuring we provide our customers with the best solutions.

Versatile Applications

Ecosun’s solar solutions cater to a wide range of applications, making them adaptable to diverse industries and energy requirements.

Sustainability Focus

Aligning with APS’s commitment to sustainability, Ecosun shares our dedication to reducing carbon footprints and promoting clean energy solutions.


Embrace the future of sustainable energy solutions today by joining forces with APS and Ecosun. Together, we deliver cutting-edge solar technology and groundbreaking solutions to supercharge your energy requirements. 

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