Our MARU mobile energy storage systems are designed to deliver maximum performance and efficiency while minimising environmental impact.

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At APS we are committed to delivering sustainable energy solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. The MARU MESU 45 model, is a robust and compact hybrid power solution that combines a 45kVA power output with a strong sustainable edge. MARU, a Dutch pioneer in the hybrid power industry, share our vision of delivering products that support our societies sustainable future. MARU have developed an extremely high quality, reliable and environmentally focused energy solution that is a true game changer in an all in one portable power market. For more information on MARU products, visit www.maru.energy

MARU Mesu 45 Hybrid Generator

Experience the perfect combination of eco-friendly energy and reliable power with APS’s MARU MESU 45 hybrid generator. This 45kVA powerhouse is designed for optimal sustainable performance, with a compact size allowing easy placement in limited spaces. Equipped with deployable solar panels, 45kWh of lithium batteries coupled and a low-noise, fuel efficient generator, it excels in off-grid settings where mains power is inaccessible.

Sustainable energy for the commercial market

We are deeply committed to prioritising the reduction of CO2 emissions through the supply sustainable energy solutions to meet the markets growing energy demand. Equally significant is our unwavering dedication to ensuring that our innovative products are not only environmentally friendly but also deliver clean and reliable power to our clients.
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Ready for the future

MARU empowers companies in their transition towards sustainable energy by offering cutting-edge, low-emission technology

Specialist in green electricity

MARU Greentech, a division of the esteemed MARU Group, stands at the forefront of manufacturing and delivering sustainable energy solutions.

In-house R&D and production

MARU are pioneers of the hybrid generator concept, continuously innovating to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Functionally sustainable

Not only are MARU’s facilities designed to be environmentally friendly, they also prioritise functionality, user-friendliness, and financial viability.


APS provides seamless deployment of MARU energy storage systems to mine and construction sites, ensuring a reliable power solution. Their team of experts will work with you to design and install a customised power system that meets your specific project needs and requirements.

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