June 17, 2023

Supply of MARU MESU 45 unit to GPS in Victoria

APS Maru Mesu 45 Model Placed on site

In a landmark collaboration, APS has supplied Green Power Solutions Pty Ltd with the MARU MESU Model 45 hybrid generator.

This groundbreaking generator is set to transform the way construction projects are powered, offering an impressive combination of a compact design and powerful eco-friendly features.

With a steadfast commitment to efficiency and sustainability, APS is taking the lead in providing pioneering solutions that enable businesses throughout Australia to thrive while significantly reducing their environmental impact.

The MARU MESU Model 45 hybrid generator represents a significant advancement in construction power solutions. With its compact design, the generator takes up minimal space on construction sites, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency in project planning. Its powerful eco-friendly features ensure that construction activities can be carried out with minimal harm to the environment.

The collaboration between APS and Green Power Solutions highlights the growing importance of sustainable energy solutions in the construction industry. By utilising the MARU MESU Model 45 hybrid generator, construction companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

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