March 21, 2024

Proven endurance: These Shindaiwa onsite gensets unmatched for over 15 years.

APS Shindaiwa generators being delivered to site

Reliability Redefined
At APS, we’re proud to offer the best energy solutions. That’s why we supply exceptional diesel generators and welder generators from Shindaiwa. Shindaiwa’s diesel generators are built for demanding scenarios encountered in mining sites and remote areas, boasting unparalleled reliability even in adverse conditions.

Unmatched Performance
Shindaiwa diesel generators are meticulously engineered to withstand even the harshest environments while delivering unparalleled performance. APS confidently endorses the exceptional quality of Shindaiwa’s products, which bring heightened efficiency and productivity. These diesel generators boast marathon run times, ensuring uninterrupted operation over extended durations without compromising performance.

Proven Endurance
The deployment of Shindaiwa units at Northern Star Jundee Mines exemplifies a prime example. Despite encountering rigorous demands and hostile surroundings, these generators, supplied by APS in 2008, have consistently showcased remarkable performance. Some units have surpassed the impressive milestone of 80,000 hours of operation, which underscores the reliability and durability of APS’s offerings.

The hours that a shindaiwa generator has been running

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